Sunday, October 14, 2007

Watson Charity Walk/ Eye On Malaysia

What? Watson Health, Wellness and Beauty Charity Walk

Where? Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur

When? 19 August 2007 (Sunday; 7:30am)

How far? 2km

Who? Organised by Watson – Your Personal Store.

Why? In Aid of MAKNA (Malaysia National Cancer Council)

This is a belated post. The event happened in August. I was too busy to complete this one last month. So, I saved it for the fasting month where there are no races to write about.

The start was VERY MESSY! There were no proper signboard to the start point. So we had to circle around the Titiwangsa area.

When we arrived at the start point, they organiser was still seen scrambling to set up the booth, half and hour to the printed start time!!! Oh! No call the punctuality police!

Then, they made the dreaded announcement - The lorry that were carrying the number bibs got LOST! Yikes!! How can that be?

So we waited in the long long queues. If I get RM1 every time I hear the word "bad organization" during the wait, I think I could get enough money to organized my very own race! Heheh!

At the Start Point! Too bad the banner was facing the other side.

OK. Let's get the party started! Woosh!!!!

One of the reason I go for this walk....Isn't this beautiful?

Isn't this beautiful too? Tasik (Lake) Titiwangsa is one of the most frequented place for jogging and other recreational activities.

That blue roof building is Istana Budaya (literally translated to Palace of Culture). Malaysia's national theatre. This prominent landmark is on the Top Ten list of most sophisticated theatres in the world.

KLCC Twin Towers. You can't miss them when running in Malaysia.

Eye on Malaysia. The big Ferris Wheel installed at Tasik Titiwangsa for Visit Malaysia Year 2007.

Swaggering towards the FINISH line.

Here's your prize, sir! Wow! I got a prize? (Insert mock surprise here! Heheh!)

Inside the envelope - a ticket to ride on Eye on Malaysia and RM50 Watson voucher! Yay!

I wanted to visit Eye On Malaysia since its launch early this year. Took my parent there during last Chinese New Year but parents didn’t want to go up. Scared of height they said. Anyway, the queue was kinda long, snaking out into the hot sun. So, I gave it a miss until now....and I do not need to pay a single cent for it! Yay!

The Eye on Malaysia is the tallest (60-metre) portable observation wheel in South-East Asia. I heard Thailand has one at Lumphini park and Singapore is building its own.

Seems that every country want one of these giant wheels. Wheelies envy? Hmmmm....

The ferris wheel comprising of 42 gondolas (including 1 VIP one) is similar to the London Eye and has been unveiled in conjunction of Visit Malaysia Year 2007 on January 6, 2007 by Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

There were 7 of us in the gondola. Amy, Kev, SH Tan (our beloved Footlosse magazine editor), Mr. Boey, SH's leng lui daughter and friend.

So, off we went round and round! It was great the first round, but everybody can't wait to get off after the third! LOL.

The view was great but not spectacular! The buildings just looked smaller than when we were on the ground. That's all! I guess I must have put too high of an expectation after viewing the brouhaha vavavoom bangbangboom launch early this year! Gone were the fireworks, laser show and water stunts.(Insert sigh here!)

Overall, the Sunday outing was great. Amy and Kev won themselves some prizes for winning one of the top 3 positions. There were many goodies to sample at the booths.

Who make the best gold fish impression?

Mr. Blue?

Or Mr. Red?

They are actually part of the group of The Amazing Waterhead. They walk around the Eye on Malaysia compound with their heads completely submerged in fish tanks.

Hmmm….I smell something fishy here…Heheh! Try to figure out how they did it. I could easily see through it. :)

Prizes for top 100 to cross the Finish line

1 x Entrance to Eye on Malaysia (worth RM15)

1 x RM50 Watson Shopping Voucher.

1 x Spritzer Mineral Water

1 x Minyak Angin Cap Singa Kembar 28ml. (I think the organizer need this more than us! Heheh!)

1 x Watson’s Icy Mist

1 x Watson’s Travel Tissue

1 x Watson’s Facial Wash

1 x Nu Shape drink sachet

1 x 1 week membership at Fitness First for two

1 x Watson PVC bag

Some other stuff that I got from the booths at the race:

1 x Shi Zen Green Tea

1 x Clearasil Ultra Facial Wash

For RM10, this walk is actually value for money. Forget all about the lateness during the start and the messy bib collection process. It was their first time organizing the event, so let them have their learning curves. I am sure they will come back next year, bigger, better coordinated and ON TIME!

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