Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Giving With Passion

What? Hari Raya and Birthdays Celebration

Where? Rumah Solehah, Cheras

When? 10:30am. 27 October 2007

Bad things should be stopped. Good things should be continued. This is a follow up visit from my first time last May. (Click here to read previous post on Rumah Solehah).

A bunch of colleagues and I organized the trip to Rumah Solehah to bring Hari Raya cheers to the children. We collect donations from the office. Some contributed cash. Some donated some festive hampers, toys, crayons and food. Most importantly, some donated their time.

I remember some of the faces of the children there. I don’t remember their names though. (Me getting old! Heheh!). They have certainly grown from the last time I saw them. The magic of growth hormones! Heheh!

The children are cute and sweet even though I would love to smack the mischievous one who kept pulling the hairs on my legs despite my warnings. (Insert ouch here!). Kidding! I guess what he wanted was just attention.

It felt like I had run a marathon after the day was over. My body was very tired but then I was very happy! It is some sort of high. There are no medals to be won here but it really feels good to do good.

Enjoy the pictures....

Thank you for welcoming us to your home.

Happy Birthday to You.....

Birthday/ Raya Cake!

Food, Glorious food!

Yum! Yum!

Who wanna party-wit-me?

Yay! Everyone gets Duit Raya (money for Raya)

Clowing around!


Having A Ball.

Make some noise people!

I'm coming up so you better get the party started!

Goo goo ga ga! Isn't she adorable?

Are those cheeks saying "pinch me"?

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Put A Little Love In Your Heart. :)

Acknowledgment: Thanks to Amelia and Esther for spearheading this project. To all my colleagues, friends and their family members who made this visit possible. Apart from my own photos, I also posted some beautiful ones from Hamdi and Kevin. Thank you guys for sharing!

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