Monday, October 22, 2007

Kuantan TC Run 2007

I stayed at the Season Boutique Hotel. First floor is winter, second spring, third autumn (my room) and roof top - summer. But summer is still under renovation. Heheh!

What? Kuantan TC Run 2007

Where? Teluk Chempedak Beach, Kuantan.

When? 21 October 2007

How Long? 9.6km rounded up to 10km

Who? Organised by Kuantan Pacesetters

My uncle picked me up at about 6:40am. The sky was beginning to lit up. Looked like a sunny day ahead.

When we reached the beach, the warm up session was well…in session. I didn’t join in. Instead I took a walk at the beach, inhaling the fresh breeze. The Teluk Chempedak beach actually looked “prettier” compared to the last time I saw it (a year or so ago). I think they have done some “face-lift” to the beach by adding sand to the beach. Once, the beach was threatened by erosion but now it looks amazing.

At the Start. I saw many familiar faces at the run, both from Kuantan and those from Kuala Lumpur.

3…2…1…Blast off!

Running Up That Hill

Scenic golf course near the Menteri Besar's official home.

This is not a distance marker. It’s a direction sign.

Coconut trees. We ran pass some housing areas. Nothing much to photograph. I remember lots of barking dogs.

Water Station, serving water and energy drink.

Getting my checkpoint band.

Bukit Pelindung - This used to be my training ground when I was schooling in Kuantan for two years. It is a steep hill and lots of people come here to exercise.

CHEATER! Saw this man dashed out from a corner in front of me. He still got the nerve to laugh!

Me, myself and my reflection.

Good grief! The route was rather flat except for this hill at the beginning and at the end of the run!

Last few 100 meters…

Swaggering towards The Finish line. Yes…we ran on the sandy beach! No..I didn’t do the Baywatch slow-mo run! Heheh!

Seen here is my aunt (right) at the fruit station.

Irresistible beach – Teluk Chempedak. Some of my friends jumped straight into the South China Sea after crossing the finish line.

I must say this MC rock! She is bubbly and funny. Worlds apart from the one-nag-a-minute MCs that FTAAA employ in KL races.

Kuantan Pacesetter volunteers! Insert applause here!

Acknowledgment: Kuantan Pacesetters have outdone themselves! Thank you to Kuantan Pacesetters for the job well done. It was a fun and enjoyable run without any major glitches.

What’s in The Goodies Bag?

1 x Hi-5 Vanilla cream roll

1 x Brooks Discount Voucher (40%)

1 x Coconut Biscuit (Kuantan/ Sg. Lembing famous)

1 x Nesvita Cereal

1 x Surabaya Cake

1 x Cloud 9 candy bar

1 x Visit Malaysia Year drinking water

I love the medal! Shape of a foot! Isn’t it cute?

After the run, I treated myself to a meal at Kemaman Kopitiam, a famous eatery in Kuantan. Ordered a drink called Milo King - Ice Milo topped with a scoop of chocolate chip icecream and a love letter. Yum!

Nasi Lemak "Special". I wanted to order the Nasi Lemak Burung Puyuh (Quail) but they have sold out. This is just as good....(Insert burp here!)


Also check out this race report…Amazing!

Carboman’s Kuantan TC Run Report

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