Sunday, April 19, 2009

Putrajaya Night Run in Preparation for Sundown Marathon

What? Putrajaya Night Run

Where? Putrajaya, Malaysia.

When? 18 April 2009 9pm

How Long? Very Long..LOL!

I was there to support my friends (Amelia, Mohan, Frank etc) who will be running the night time marathon - Sundown in Singapore on May 31. Also met Carboman who came to do some night shoot with his new Canon SLR. :)

I did Sundown last year and I am not going back any soon. Night running is not for me. Beauty sleep is more important! Heheh!

Anyway, I will be heading north on the same weekend for the Penang KOMTAR Tower Run.

To all my runner friends who will be going to Sundown, GOOD NIGHT!..erm, I mean GOOD LUCK! :)

Enjoy the video!

Check out my last year's Sundown Marathon race report here....

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