Sunday, April 19, 2009

Run Your Race Running Clinic

What? Back to Basics - Running Clinic for Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009.

Where? Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur.

When? 19 April 2009, 8:00am

Who? Speaker - Elite Runner, Mark Williams

This is the first of a series of running clinics organised for the Standard Chartered KL marathon. Basically, it covered all aspects from training, diet and nutrition to injuries and safety tips.

Actually I kinda missed the circuit runs that FTAAA used to do for KLIM. Because it beats the hey out of training alone for the marathon.

But anyway, new organiser, new events!

This morning speaker was Mark Williams - a Briton, family man and elite runner. He used to run professionally for Hong Kong and had won some roadraces in New Zealand and in KL too!

The way he speaks kinda remind me of Paul Moss (minus the sarcasms and nasty comments) of One In The Million reality show. LOL!

The session went very well and very informative, especially to new runners who are preparing for their first KL Marathon!

I particularly like the demo of stretching excercises. The clinic was rounded up with a Q&A session after a run around the Lake Garden.

Yin was seen busy with her phone. I thought she was sms-ing but she sworn that she was taking notes. LOL!

I posted some of the useful tips from the clinic on stretching before running. Do check out the video. Comments are welcome.

Note: If you have heard carefully, there was elevator music playing in the background when Mark was speaking. I didn't put those sleep-inducing background music in the video. LOL! It was actually played by the music people at the clinic throughout the session. (Insert yawn here!).

They better play upbeat, get-your-spirit-high kinda music for the next event, otherwise everyone will fall asleep! BTW, I decided to shake it up with a song by Metro Station at the end. My favorite running song at the moment! :)

Happy training! Shake shake shake shake shake it!

For more info about the next running clinic and Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009, please visit

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