Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Shinjuku Incident - Jackie Chan & Daniel Wu Meet The Fans

What? Jackie Chan & Daniel Wu Meet The Fans Session

Where? Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When? 31 March 2009 (Tuesday)

Why? Promotion for SHINJUKU INCIDENT movie, Opening on April 2 Nationwide.

I braved the Federal Highway traffic and went home to get my camera when I found out about this event from the Net. It was too good to let go. Superstar Jackie Chan and heartthrob, Daniel Wu were in town to promote their latest movie – Shinjuku Incident.

I arrived at Pavilion around 6:30pm, where there was a crowd slowly building up. The weather was fantastic.

While waiting for the appearance of the superstars, I used the beautiful emcee as target practice. Turned out ok, right?

How about this one?

It started to pour when they were playing some primitive (re:brainless) marketing game on stage. Then suddenly, they announced the arrival of Jackie and Daniel. I guess the rain had forced the organizer to speed up the program; otherwise we would be bored silly by more marketing games.

I had to bring out my umbrella. One hand holding the umbrella and the other my camera. It was tough taking pictures like this. Moreover, the other fans were also pushing and shoving trying to get a better glimpse of their idols.

Jackie was very upbeat despite the gloomy sky. He said the dragon must have brought the rain as a joke. Initially, Daniel was a bit stiff and chilly like the rain. Maybe he was trying to maintain his cool.

Suddenly, I heard loud glass breaking sound followed by “mini blackout” on stage. I think some of the spotlight had busted due to the rain.

Jackie was very concerned and asked if everyone was ok. How sweet! Jackie is undeniable the most pleasant superstar I have ever encountered. Not that I have seen many. LOL!

Jackie and Daniel’s presence of stage was less than 15 minutes total. Well, I hope the organizer learn from their mistake and never organized such promo event outdoor. The rain stopped almost immediately after the stars went down the stage. Hmmm.....Somebody didn't shower izzit? LOL!

I only managed to get these "crap-tastic” pictures of Daniel Wu which I think “better than nothing” to be published.

Eeyer...Why his face liddat one?

Charming or not?

That's Jackie Chan's hand, holding the mic.

A close-up shot. Sorry a bit blur. Blame it to the rain!

Smile! (Insert fainting females fans here)

My pictures of Jackie Chan didn’t pass my strict quality control for publishing. He moved around too much, hence his image was mostly a blur whoosh! Heheh! Not bad for a 55 years old man, eh?

For those of you who missed this wet wet wet event, here’s a YouTube presentation from me. You will see Daniel Wu professes his love for Malaysia. (Insert screaming girls here).


Read about my previous encounter with Jackie Chan here.

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