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Konsert Ella @ Istana Budaya 1 July 2010

I'm taking a break from posting stuff from the Standard Chartered KL Marathon to bring you photos from Ella Concert at Istana Budaya, KL. I was one of the lucky contest winners who got the chance to watch Malaysia's Queen of Rock in action and meet her after the concert. Yay!

What a concert!!! Ella opened with a fast number "PPP" from her Ella USA album. Even though Ella was backed the Orkestra Simfoni Kebangsaan’, the element of rock still took the centre stage! There were at least 4 guitarists, including Joe Wings.

Ella is a such joy to watch. Her stage presence is amazing. She is funny, vivacious and sometimes, manja. I don't know how to translate that word to English. Heheh!

After PPP, she delivered Rama-rama, Sepi Sekuntum Mawar Merah and Pengemis Cinta.

In her second segment of the show, Ella showed up on stage wearing an elegant evening gown....singing "Ulek Mayang" and "Jauh di Mata"

My jaw almost dropped to the floor. I have never seen Ella dressed like that! And the funny thing was Dato' Ahmad Jais accidently stepped on her flowing gown. Not once but twice, providing some amusing moments during the show. LOL!

Ella sang a duet called "Budi Setahun Segunung Intan" with Dato Ahmad Jais. I enjoy the traditional duet.

Ella not only knows how to rock, she knows how to "lenggok" as well!

No offence, but I think this dress makes Ella looks top heavy. Heheh!

Ella previewed two new songs in the concert, “Mana Menghilang” and “Kita”. I could see that Ella was chocked on emotions when she was singing "Kita", a song dedicated to her late father and family members.

This is Joe Wings. Goreng-ing the guitar like no body's business. LOL!

Ella invited her rock buddy, Awie too. FYI, Ella and Awie used to co-star in a 1993 movie called "Pemburu Bayang". Some snippets from the movie was shown to the concert-goers.

What a dynamic duo - Ella and Awie belted “Baldu Biru” and “Dua Insan Bercinta” much to the crowd's delight! They were screaming for more.

Awie joked that he used to sing "Dua Insan Bercinta" in some weddings before he got famous with his band, Wings.

In the 2 hours concert, Ella managed to squeezed in “Simbiosis”, “Nuri”, “Puisi Hamba”, “Kitalah Bintang”, “Layar Impian”, “Kesal”, and “Standing In The Eyes Of The World”. I wish she could have included "Demi", one of my Ella favourites.

I enjoyed myself very much. It was a rock concert, in the comfort of aircon and carpeted floor. Hahah! I am so thrilled that I get to see her in concert after all these years. Always been a fan of Ella especially when I was in high school.


The T-shirts, CDs and other merchandise flew out of the shelves after the concert.

Ella sang birthday song to a local entertainment reporter, Abie after the concert.

What a lucky guy, eh?

I managed to snap a few photographs with Ella before she got mobbed by other fans. She told me she liked my T-shirt very much....

It is her face that is printed in it. Hahah!

FYI, Dayang Nurfaizah also attended Ella concert. Check out her pictures HERE.

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