Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Visit to PJ Caring Home

PJ Caring Home is a home for the mentally ill who are homeless or from poor income group. It is one of the first to adopt an open concept method ie allowing most patients to lead a life as ordinary as possible, encouraging interaction with society. Activities include short trips out to the shops and having a drink at the local coffee-shop.

There are 107 patients at the home. The youngest patient is aged 17 years and the oldest is 87 years old. They live in three houses, all within the PJ area. There is a Boys' home, a Girls' home and an Elderly's Home.

The home is established by Mr. Mr Uthaya Perumal or Mr. Peru who gained vast experience from working in other mental institutions. His open concept method is based on the idea that mental illness is a sickness, not a disease, and therefore these patients should not be shunned or ridiculed by the public. He hopes for an accepting caring public as the love, care and acceptance felt by the patients will have an immensely positive effect on their recovery.

When my friend, Irene asked me if I wanted to volunteer to take pictures for the visit organised by J&J, I jumped to the opportunity without hesitating. It's the least I could do, knowing I don't have millions to donate to charity. :)

The event was part of J&J Volunteer Day when all the J&J staff were given a day off and encouraged to take part in some community/ charitable work.

The girls love visitors. We were welcome with open arms to their home.

The activities of the day include baking demo and games - congkak and carom, after we had breakfast together with the girls.

Amelia whipping up some eggs for her Orange Pound Cake.

Nyaros played the part of a translator. LOL!

Shake, rattle and bake. We had to entertain the girls too while doing the baking demo, otherwise they would fall asleep. LOL!

Dahlia, Poi Khun and Georgia demonstrated how to make "Honey Joy" cookies from cornflakes and honey.

We got some help from the girls to put the cornflakes and sprinkles into the paper cups....They really enjoyed it.

The honey joy, baked with love....

The Orange Pound Cake, also baked with love....

So, the cake must be eaten with love as well-lah. Heheh!

The cookies and cakes turned out fantastic. We shared and ate them with everyone present. We also had some dancing and singing sessions. The girls were very eager to show off their talents.

I find the morning enriching and unforgettable even by just being there for them. It feels good to do good.... :)

Here's a little slide show I put together after the visit. Background song by Lara Fabian. One of my favourite singers.


For more info on how you too can extend your helping hands, click HERE.

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I like the B&W group photo. And good one from J&J for this outing.

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