Monday, July 19, 2010

Siemens Run 2010

What? Siemens Run 2010

When? 18 July 2010

Where? Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

Siemens Run is back! Having had its first run in 2004, Siemens is anxious to repeat the run as part of its long-term corporate responsibility commitment towards advancing sporting opportunities, community vitality and health.

Siemens Run 2010 - What are you running for? was held on 18th July 2010 at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur to bring people together for charity.

Off to a flying start!

Drummers set the pace for the runners during flag off.

The two finish entrances created some confusion for the runners in the boys category. They were the first to come back and instead of heading towards the right, they dashed into the left....

Personally, I found Siemens run had successfully incorporated the fun element in running. Cheerleaders and drummers lined the last kilometer leading towards the finish line, encouraging and cheering for tired runners. (Insert thumbs up here)


Michele Tan, one of the fast women in the country. She won 1st prize in the Women Open category.

The Orange Man of HooHa spotted!

One of the few stroller friendly races in Malaysia. The route for Dream Run is flat and fun. Great for daddies and mummies with babies who love to run.

While the guys had cheerleaders to feast their eyes on...The girls also got equal chance to check out the abang-abang hensem....

...and the Bollywood-like actors/ drummers? LOL!

Daddy's little girl.

The Dynamitez....

The best solo cheerleader awards goes to....

She really cheered her heart out for the runners. Ever smiling and erm...loud too. Heheh! I think one of the runners gave her the leafy crown on her head.

A young runner who couldn't complete his run took a ride from the official.

Wanna lick his lollypop? ;)

Hahah! Actually, the lollypops were given free by Renaissance Hotel to celebrate their 14th Anniversary. Sweet!

I caught The Pirates practising their stunts backstage.

1 Malaysia drummers in action. The drummers where featured during the race along the Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman earlier.

Sinnaponnu Seenivasan, 73, from Kepong, was the oldest participant in the Siemens Run 2010.

She caught the eyes of everyone Sunday when she completed the race dressed in a batik sarong and blouse, New Straits Times reported.

Sinnaponnu, who has been participating in the event for the last 30 years, must be laughing her way to the bank with the RM1,000 she received as a token of appreciation.

Don't shoot the photographer! LOL!

More photos in the slide show inclusing pictures of the winners in all categories.

Background music - What You Waiting For by our very own Mizz Nina feat. Colby O'Donis. Can't find any song with the title "What You Running For" LOL! The tune from Mizz Nina is close enough.


Acknowledgment: Thank you Siemens Malaysia, especially to Ms. Goh for the invite and all the info we needed for the blogpost.

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Hannibal King


Too bad i missed this run. huhuh :(



i was there too. Thanks for the blogs, it's interesting !! Keep it up!! Cheers! --WL--

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