Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sunway Pyramid Goes Green in Light of "Earth Hour" with WWF Malaysia

We joined Sunway Pyramid, WWF Malaysia and millions of people across the globe for Earth Hour 2011 just now! Collectively, we are taking a stand against climate change, demonstrating that every individual counts in changing the course of a warming planet.

Before Earth Hour 2011....

During Earth Hour 2011....Sunway Pyramid's non-essential lights were switched off for 1 hour from 8:30-9:30pm.

We spotted Miss World Malaysia, Soo Wincci, Rudy, Rina Omar, Jeremy Teo and other celebrities at the event. See if you can identify them....Heheh!

The event also featured the BYOB Trolley Bag at the WWF bazaar launched in conjunction of the Malaysian GP Sale. For more info about the bag, please contact Sunway Pyramid concierge.

There were flash-mob dance, wayang kulit, drum show and environmental themed performances during the Earth Hour. Sorry, I couldn't provide any pics because I can't see through the viewfinder in the dark. LOL!

Check out the countdown video below....


Note: Sunway Pyramid encourages bringing your own bag when shopping to reduce paper and plastic usage. On every Tuesday and Saturday, be rewarded with FREE parking when you shop with your own bag. :)

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Like WWF Malaysia on Facebook HERE.

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i was there, too! ;D

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