Saturday, March 24, 2012

Photos: Nicole Scherzinger @ Twin Towers Alive, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

It seems like yesterday when Nicole and the Pussycat Dolls performed in Malaysia! She was here in 2006 for the PCD World Tour in Sunway Lagoon.

But of course, she has so much less clothes on her the last time she visited Malaysia. Heheh! The organiser of the event was slapped with a RM 10,000 Ringgits fine for the girl group's "sexually suggestive" routines and revealing clothes.

We were very fortunate to be able to attend her press conference with Kelis yesterday afternoon before the show. The invite was sent out like 30 mins before the PC. Luckily we checked our email and made a mad dash to The Grand Millenium where the PC was held. Heheh!

Nicole looks absolutely stunning in her peach one shoulder dress. (Insert two thums up here!)

The media was briefed not to asker her about two things before the press con. One - not to ask her about X-Factor (Her contact as judge was not renewed for second season). And Two, not to ask about her race car driver Lewis Hamilton. But Nicole loves talking about him anyway. She said she loves F1 because she will do anything for her man. schweet!

Love her gorgeous black hair. Simply beautiful. I don't know why our local girls like to dye their hair blonde, red, blue, green etc. To me, black is so sexy and Nicole. :)

Organised and managed by JoJo Events, the free-to-public two-day Twin Towers Alive concert features American singer, Nicole Scherzinger headlining the event alongside R&B/dance star Kelis and K-Pop sensation Girls’ Generation (SNSD).

Nicole came on stage around 11:15pm! The crowd went berserk!

She has "more" clothes on her this time but that doesn't mean that she is not sexy as hell. She's basically covered up her body except for her face and two palms! ;)

Don't cha wish your girlfriend were hot like meeeeeh!

She's so hawt! She makes you wanna loosen up your buttons!

Baby got back!

Right there keep it right there, I love when you put it right there oh oh oh!

Nicole Scherzinger! Thank you for coming back to Malaysia! You took some pain away from the cancellation of Kylie Minogue F1Rock Concert. :D

Check out the PCD World Tour 2006 Photos HERE.

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Angie Ng


Thanks for writing this! I am so regret that I was unable to attend the concert to see my diva Nicole, and you are the first one to post something about her show last night (the others only kept posting about SNSD, it's irritating)! I am so glad to see some photos of hers. She's always perfect!



Thanks Angie! We love Nicole too. That's why we posted her first! :D

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