Monday, March 12, 2012

The Run That Makes You Feel Good is Back! ntv7 Feel Good Run 2012!

Well people, are you as excited as we are about this run? If you are, mark your calendar on the 8 July 2012 for the most star-studded run in the whole Malaysia - the ntv7 FEEL GOOD RUN 2012. All for a good cause too!

We got invited for the launch tomorrow. We will post up more info when we get them fresh from the press kit! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and watch this space for registration details!

Check out last year's ntv7 Feel Good Run star-spotting report HERE.


Hoo Sze Ling said...

I know I can always count on your blog for information on the next run!!

I just started running this year ((10 km only) and it's becoming addictive!!!

RunWitMe said...

Thank you for visiting my humble blog. Glad you enjoy running. See you at the Feel Good Run!

CK said...

Hello there!

I'm writing on behalf of malakoff and we're gonna be organising several marathons this year, was wondering if i could have your email in which i could contact to send out press release and other documents.


RunWitMe said...

Hi Eric, pls send info to runwitme(at) Thanks!