Sunday, April 15, 2012

Celebrunner: Upin & Ipin - The Musical @ Istana Budaya

The popular characters from Upin & Ipin, the most successful Animated Series in South East Asia are being fleshed out in a musical at Istana Budaya! The lovable identical twins take centrestage in Upin & Ipin The Musical starting from yesterday, 14 April to 6 May.

We managed to got two pairs (yes..two) of Upin & Ipin to do a running post for our blog.

How cute, eh? FYI, the producers decided to have two pairs of Upin & Ipin because the musical is quite strenous and demanding. Each pair will alternate in the 30 shows lined up for them.

The cast is made of young adorable and talented kids like this...

Upin & Ipin and their friends take the audience along to a two hour adventure in their village, Kampung Durian Runtuh and through the jungle, spider infested caves, the ocean, Pulu-pulu tribe and to space!

Upin has a strand of hair on his bald head, while his brother Ipin is completely bald.

For the musical, the "strand" of hair has the be glued onto the shaved head of the actor.

Meet Dr. Ravi (Mazhar Mahathir, Dr. M youngest son) who will be teaching the kids how to brush their teeth properly in a song! Incidently, I can't brush my teeth without having the song bulat-bulat-bulat, playing in my head! LOL!

Open up and say ah......

Upin, Ipin, Mei Mei, Jarjit, Ehsan, Mail, Fizi, Ijat, Opah, Kak Ros, Tok Dalang, Rajoo, Sapi and more.

Upin & Ipin is proudly Malaysia made. In this musical, those old enough will remember the traditional kampung games played by the children in the field before the invasion of video and computer games.

Meet the princess of Cinonet Kingdom who summoned Upin and Ipin to teach her about happiness.

The kids in the audience screamed when the giant spiders started to appear from the ceiling!

The adorable masked Pulu-pulu tribe.

The musical was quite a joyride!

The show is filled with infectious songs and colourful characters. If you like the animated series, you will fall in love with Upin & Ipin - The Musical too.

It is as enjoyable as Siti Di Alam Fantasi.

Yay! We love Upin & Ipin!

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