Friday, April 13, 2012

PJ Dawn Run 2012 Press Conference

What? PJ Dawn Run 2012

Where? Stadium Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya

When? 13 May 2012 3:00am!

Who? Organised by Outbox Production

How far? 21 and 12km

How much? RM50 and RM55 for 21 and 12km respectively

How to register? Click HERE.

Andrew Nato - Outbox Project Manager

En. Rustam - Management Team, Pacesetters Athlete Club

Josie Huang Wan Ling - Outbox Branding & Communication Manager

More info coming soon! :D

Pssst...Putrajaya Dawn Run is in the making too. Mark your calendar 12 May 2013. Very confident, ah? Heheh!

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Hmm...Josie looks VERY FAMILIAR...



Josie = Energizer Night Race 2011!



Great to be here..

Well, Josie is just doing communication for the company why are you so paranoid when the race management team is Pacesetter and Outbox as organizer.

I think Rustam will do a good job on the race and I have 100% trust it will be a great run!

A real spirit runner


Yo guys..
Get over the ENR story..

This race is managed by Pacesetter Malaysia and We runners have 100% trust in their working partners.

Josie is just a communication and branding person for the race.
And this does not determined a repeat failure from the race management and the organizers.

Be fair to the situation, This is a baseless attack on the situation and this run is sure already graps the public eye way before this press conference.

Kudos to the team involve and We runner have faith in second chances and a good race management team like Rustam.

Cheer all.



@ A real spirited runner - Since when did you get elected to speak on behalf of 'runners'?

Why don't you ask all the marathoners last year who came in to an empty finish line devoid of officials and refreshments. They'd say otherwise.

Anyways, hope you have a good race and come out if it alive!



If you ask me, I think Josie's "branding/communication" work on the handling of the ENR2011 disaster is even worse than the race disaster itself. And I heard she didn't even pay her workers/volunteers...



Josie Huang!

How on earth, they get someone saying:"42km is just a fun run" involved with running event...

You must kidding with me

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