Sunday, June 17, 2012

Photos & Setlist: Train - Live In Kuala Lumpur 2012 @ KL Live

The chugging sound effect of a train signified the arrival of Train, American pop band from San Francisco, California.

The band currently consists of a core trio of Patrick Monahan (vocals)

Scott Underwood (drums, percussion).

and Jimmy Stafford (guitar, vocals)

We had a blast at the concert! It was estimated that 2,500 Train fans turned up at KL Live for the first Train concert in Malaysia.

The band chugged through the 17 song-setlist without losing momentum: 50 Ways To Say Goodbye, This'll Be My Year, If Its Love, Meet Virginia, I Got You, Finally Meet My Mom, Calling All Angels , Mermaid, Save Me San Francisco, Bruises, Marry Me, Don't Stop Believin (Journey Cover), Hey Soul Sister, Drive By, California 37, Drops of Jupiter and Sing Together.

Patrick was in a playful mood when he took an iPhone from a girl from the audience and snapped photo of himself before passing it back to the girl.

The concert was amazing! It's not exactly a train ride but it was more like a thrill ride on a rollercoaster. From the swoon-inducing "Marry Me" to the soulful "Hey Soul Sister" and the rocking "Drive By", their songs are quite sing-along-able even if you don't know the full lyrics.

Thank you, Tune Talk for presenting 'Train Live in Kuala Lumpur 2012' in conjunction with the "No Big Deal Lah" concert series.

Who else do you want Tune Talk to bring to Malaysia next? Adele? Gotye? Leave your comments at

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Please bring adele . I'm sure there's a lot of people will go . Gotye also , but he just has one hits . So I don't think people is going to remember other song . Adele is someone that we look forward for the next concert . Btw , I'm at Train Live in KL . Its a showbiz . They're so cool and love the way Pat move .

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cool pics



The best ever male vocal i've known so far, he did screw up the mermaid song, when he forgot the lyrics, but hey, it was innocent mistakes. kudos tune talk!

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