Monday, June 18, 2012

Vanidah Imran @ Team Malaysia Fan Run 2012

Hey! Look who we bumped into at the Team Malaysia Fan Run last Sunday – actress and celebrity host, Vanidah Imran. She joined thousands of Malaysians at Dataran Merdeka and braved the rain plus haze to show her support for the national contingent to the Olympic Games in London.

An avid runner, she took part in the 7km category.

Vanidah was joined by her entourage consisting of a couple of journalists and also Datuk Siti Nurhaliza’s step son, Asyraf.

The run, which was organised by Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), was to garner support from Malaysians for the country's athletes taking part in the Olympics from July 27.

Every runner including Vanidah wore the Team Malaysia Panthera Jersey which is inspired by the tiger species found only in Malaysia i.e. Panthera Tigris Malayensis. It symbolizes pride, passion and love for the nation and its sporting future.

It was unfortunate that the rain poured in the middle of the race. Really heavy. Unless you have legs like Shaharudin Hashim, the national runner who happened to finish FIRST in that run, we reckoned that you must have been caught in the rain.

However, the rain lasted only 15 minutes and everyone stayed in high spirits and continued gamely. Vanidah seen sprinting to the finish line. Her entourage was nowhere to be seen. LOL!

There are not many celebrities in Malaysia who run, let alone finish a marathon. So far, I have not heard of any Malaysian celebrity who finishes a full 42km marathon. We are putting our bet on Vanidah to be the first Malaysian celebrity who finishes a marathon at the rate she is going. : )

Well, if the weighty Oprah Winfrey and the waif-like Katie Holmes can do it, I’m sure Vanidah will be able to run a 42K too.

Yay! Sultan Muzaffar completed his run with glee. Congrats! It was his first 7km.

Despite the haze and being drenched by the rain, everyone finished their 7km run.

Everyone looks so happy. Must be the "runner-high" kot. :)

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Watch our short interview with her right after she crossed the finishing line. We asked about her readiness for Standrad Chartered KL Marathon (1okm) next week and her message to our athletes competing in the London Olympics. Pardon Vanidah for sounding short of breath. Heheh!

Check out Vanidah Imran Celebrunner Poses HERE.

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