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News: McDonald's Olympic Day Run Official Press Release and Results


Official Restaurant of the Olympic Games delights its customers, employees and communities in a number of winning ways

• Record-breaking 12,000 participants at the annual Olympic Day Run
• Free limited edition ‘Coca-Cola London 2012 Olympic Games Glass’ with every purchase of a McDonald’s Coca-Cola Glass meal
• Two McDonald’s Olympic Champion Crew to represent Malaysia at McDonald’s Olympic venue restaurants in London

Launch of the Coca-Cola London 2012 Olympic Games Glasses by (From L to R):- 1. Ms. Gill McLaren General Manager of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei Region, The Coca-Cola Company 2. Ms. Sarah Casanova Managing Director of McDonald’s Malaysia and Regional Manager of McDonald’s Malaysia & Singapore 3. Dato’ Roy Rajasingham Vice President of OCM 4. Ronald McDonald

Kuala Lumpur, 8 July 2012 – With the world counting down to the London 2012 Olympic Games, McDonald’s is getting Malaysians into the Olympic spirit through a range of exciting programs in line with its role as the Official Restaurant of the Olympic Games. The company sponsored the biggest ever Olympic Day Run in Malaysia, launched its highly-anticipated Coca-Cola Olympic Glass campaign and presented two of its best crew members with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of the Olympic Games in London.

“McDonald’s is a proud sponsor of the Olympic Movement, and for more than 35 years we’ve brought the excitement of the games to life for millions of customers around the world. In Malaysia, we’re delighted to be able to excite our customers, engage our employees and encourage our communities in unique ways that are made possible through this global Olympic sponsorship,” said Sarah Casanova, the Managing Director of McDonald’s Malaysia and Regional Manager of Malaysia & Singapore during a media briefing at the 2012 Olympic Day Run today.

“In our efforts to encourage the local communities to lead balanced, active lifestyles, we organized the annual Olympic Day Run, which is a great way for Malaysians to get active while embracing the Olympic spirit. To excite our customers, we launched the limited edition Coca-Cola Olympic Glass campaign that demonstrates our on-going commitment of delivering unbeatable value to our customers. And as part of our efforts in engaging our people, we’re sending two of our best-of-the-best crew trainers to join 2,000 top-performing McDonald’s restaurant staff from all over the world in London under the Olympic Champion Crew program,” added Sarah Casanova.

Source: Press Release issued for McDonald's Malaysia

Here's the list of the fastest runner in each category.

A Men's Open 7 KM Venugopal a/l Rajendran PDRM 25 : 10
B Women's Open 7 KM K. Ganthimathi NB 31 : 31
C Men's Junior Veteran 7 KM Baskaran a/l Kuppusamy Penang 27 : 27
D Men's Senior Veteran 7 KM M. Rama Krishnan Team New Balance 27 : 47
E Women's Veteran 7 KM Annie Lee Khum Chiew Kuala Lumpur 36 : 45
F Men's Junior (13-17 years old) 7 KM T. Vijayavarman Port Dickson 27 : 05
G Women's Junior 7 KM Cheong Han Yi Taman Sea 35 : 12
H Men's Senior Citizen 5 KM G. Toaiahlan Ipoh, Perak 24 : 37
J Women's Senior Citizen 5 KM Susan Khoo Pacesetters 26 : 27
K Group : 4 participants aged 15 years or above 5 KM Vigneswaran a/l Jaykan Selangor 24 : 08
M Primary School Boys 3 KM Guyaganta Arshwar SKJC (J) Kajang 12 : 10
N Primary School Girls 3 KM Wong Chen Mun SJKC Kwong Hon 12 : 56
P Family: 2 adults (Parents/Guardians) & 3 KM Takenori Mezaki (Japan) K.L. nil
1-3 children aged 7-14 years old

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