Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Notice: Official Statement from Malaysia Women Marathon Regarding The Haze

Shah Alam, 11 March 2014 - We have had discussion with the Selangor Standing Committee for Environment. We discussed the situation of the haze in Shah Alam yesterday. The utmost importance was the health factor for the runners. Yesterday, It looked dreary. Today, its beautiful clear blue skies. What a relief. BUT we know this haze is a recurring one.

Hence we would like to make this Announcement :

a. The MWM Pre event program 14th -15th March 2014 will proceed as scheduled.

b. The MWM Race Day program 16th March 2014 will proceed with a condition that we will observe the API reading index on Saturday 6pm by the Meteorogical Department of Malaysia. If the Index is more than 110, MWM reserves the right to cancel the race.

c. Should the race be cancelled, we will make the announcement via our facebook and website. We will also be at the Venue to make the announcement.

d. You will be able to take your pendants and any finisher items at the Race Venue should that happen. Preferably be at the venue to collect the items.

Apart from this, Ladies, Lets pray for good weather and clear blue skies for us to feel good in the run. And see you all soon.

Source: MWM Facebook Page

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