Monday, March 24, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why The Music Run by AIA Is The Most Happening Fun Run This Year!

Music volumes soared to unprecedented levels in Kuala Lumpur as over 8,000 participants – dubbed Music Runners – walked, ran, and danced for 5km to their favourite beats at the inaugural The Music Run™ by AIA at the Selangor Turf Club!

The 5km fun run is the first-of-its-kind in the World and encourages anyone to have a run out whilst immersed to music tracks voted by the Music Runners themselves.

We ditched our MP3 player at home and ran the whole 5km with our camera to capture you the music runners along the course. Here are the reasons why we think The Music Run is the most happening fun run this year!

Reason 1: For a fee of RM70, you get such awesome race pack even before the event! We love the funky event Tee by New Balance and the drawstring bag filled with sponsored goodies.

Reason 2: Powered by Spotify, Music Runners i.e we voted for our favourite tracks across five genres: Pop Divas, Indie Rock, Pop Kings, Dance Music, and Hip Hop to be played at the run. One Republic’s ‘Counting Stars’ emerged as the playlist’s top voted song.

Reason 3: Among the Music Runners were many familiar faces such as DJ Linora Low; TV hosts Azura Zainal and Michelle Lee; singer Poova Plachciak; DJ couple Patricia K and Joey G, and the RED FM team comprising JJ, Jeremy, Mynn, Fiqrie, Melissa and Terry.

Reason 4: Fun facts, trivia and memorable quotes for music lovers aplenty. Do you ever know that Madonna, Gwen Stefani & Celine Dion are distant relatives? LOL!

Reason 5: The electrifying atmosphere, thanks to the cheerful cheerleaders along the route. If you are lucky, they might do a little “stunt: for you!

Reason 6: Pose dan dance with your favourite “celebrities”, dead or alive. Okay, they are cardboard cut out and impersonators, but hey it is still fun! Perhaps next year, they’d bring the real McCoys to the run!

Reason 7: The Hip Hop Tunnel! Thumping music and colour changing lights in the tunnel bring out the swag as we run in it. Next year, they should throw in some glitter balls, smoke machines and laser lights here!

Reason 8: The Music Run venue itself is a win! The Selangor Turf Club. You can pretend to rungallop like the race horse around the race track. The down side is sometimes you get a whiff of the horse shit. But hey, it’s not every day you get to run in a horse racing track!

Reason 9: The lively atmosphere was not confined to the running track alone, as Music Runners were treated to a plethora of interactive games and activities at each of the music zones. World renowned hip-hop group Elecoldxhot and Asia’s champion beat-boxer Shawn Lee were the highlight showcase events, each receiving rapturous support from the crowd.

After completing the run, the party continued at the Finish Zone as DJ couple Patricia K and Joey G laid out their grooviest beats.

Reason 10:The finisher wristband (that comes in black or red) is a keeper for sure.

For more photos from The Music Run, click HERE.

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