Thursday, May 08, 2014

Press Release: "Runbell is Bling with a Ring!" Provides Frustration Free Running for Urban Runners

Tokyo, Japan— Kevin Nadolny, currently living in Tokyo, Japan, has come up with the solution for safely running in the of the high traffic of many cities. “During my runs to and from work in the heart of Tokyo, I realised the need to create a safer running environment for both urban runners and pedestrians.”

The Runbell weighs just one once, but delivers both a powerful and pleasant ring. “Runbell is a stylish running accessory,” said Nadolny, “and will make sidewalks and running paths safer for everyone.” Runbell comes in two sizes, each with two pairs of soft, silicon inserts for adjustability and comfort.

After creating successful prototypes, Kevin is ready to mass produce Runbell and bring frustration free urban running to everyone. “Runbell is both original and beautiful,” Said Nadolny, “You’ll be sure to catch the eyes and ears of other runners and pedestrians.

The Runbell Kickstarter Campaign will begin May 5th, 2014, and are looking to hit the ground running.

Price: 20 dollars for early supporters. 25 dollars typical.
Availability: We ship worldwide from Tokyo. Ship date is September.

For more information about the Runbell, please visit Runbell’s home page at and HERE.

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