Friday, July 11, 2014

MAKNA Founder’s Run @ Water Sports Complex, Putrajaya.

What? MAKNA Founder’s Night Run (MFNR) 2014

When? 1 November 2014 (Saturday) 6pm onward

Where? Water Sports Complex, Putrajaya.

Who? Organised by MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional) or National Cancer Council

Why? To coincide with MAKNA’s 20th year celebrations and aims to raise the level of cancer awareness, engage the community in sporting activity with a fundraising element.

How much? How far?

How to register? click

When YOU Run the Miles To Fund the Smiles!

JOM BOTAK: Shave Bald & Run for Cancer
Corporate runners are encouraged go the extra mile by running bald-headed for MAKNA Founder’s Night Run. Going bald signifies the ordeal of cancer patients in overcoming cancer. Finishing the race reflects any trouble can be overcome once the mind is set to win. Cancer patients only want one thing, to Win the Battle!

PEOPLE GIVING: Run F.A.R. (for a reason)
You can also become a Fundraiser. People Giving (, managed by a pool of volunteers provides safe, transparent and cost-effective platform to raise funds online for the cause that you care about, an easy way connecting everyone in this giving and loving world.

What you can do to help MAKNA is to start a campaign page, set a target and fundraise for Cancer. In this aspect, you may open a Group or an Individual campaign page.

15km This category is open to individual runners under the grouping of “Male & Female Open,” & “Veteran.”

10km This category is open to individuals under the grouping of “Male & Female Open”, “Veteran” and “Corporate Challenge.”
For the Corporate Challenge, we welcome companies and their staff to participate with 10 members in a team, with a minimum of 5 runners who will vie for the Founder’s Trophy.

5km - Joy Run This category welcomes amateur runners. Participants may also register their family members as well, and the choices are available for participants include running with their babies or using prams, carriages, strollers, pushchairs and wheelchairs. The aim here is that the runner enjoys the experience of running with his or her family and friends, treating themselves to a evening of fun and fitness.

5km - “Fancyfool” Run Be at your best and relaxed self. You may join the event and have a joy ride on your bicycle, skate with your skateboard, roller blades or roller skates. Yes, be “quirky” self, run on your heels, dress up in a cartoon character, super heroes, or famous icons. Come and clown around, let your hair down and have great fun! However, strictly no harmful or dangerous gimmicks/devices used, or you will be disqualified.

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