Saturday, August 09, 2014

Amber Chia - The Face of MIPOW, Premium Mobile Device Accessories

Amber Chia has got the face that launches thousands of products! This supermodel mom is no strangers to being appointed brand ambassador and also model to promote a slew of products in the market today. Her face sells watches, apparels, massage devices, cosmetics, kitchen appliances, hair dryers, food, magazines and now...MIPOW, a brand of premium mobile device accessories.

Congratulations Amber!

The media conference to announce Amber Chia appointment as the MIPOW band ambassador was held in the Zouk Club on 5 August. It was witnessed by hundreds of guests including Amber's celebrity friends.

MIPOW made its name as an authorized manufacturing licensee of Apple Inc which produces a wide range of products catering for today’s mobile generation such as back up batteries, chargers, headsets and speakers with Bluetooth wireless technology.

MIPOW is brought to our shores by the distributor Sun-U (Sunweu Sdn Bhd).

We had a brief chat with Amber at the media conference. We asked about her favourite device from the MIPOW range. Almost instantly, she grabbed a sleek looking device out of her hand bag.

At the first glance it looked like a compact case mirror. But actually, it is the Power Mirror, a portable universal charger with mirror finish on one of its sides.

We think it is a clever device. It is the new best friend for any tech-savvy girl like Amber Chia to touch up her make up and keep the juice running for her mobile devices. Agree?

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