Sunday, August 17, 2014

Exclusive: We Ran The Happiest 5K on the Planet (The Color Run Malaysia) with Celebrunner Dato' Siti Nurhaliza

Dubbed the Happiest 5k on the Planet, The Color Run is a five kilometre-long fun run where participants start out decked in white and cross the finish line plastered in colours.

And guess whom we bumped into at the starting line of the The Color Run Malaysia in Padang Merbok? She is Malaysia's most popular female entertainer, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza.

She looked gorgeous and radiant without a hint of make-up on her face this morning! Flawless. We think she woke up like this! Heheh!

Siti had the official tee, a black tudung, black skirt over her black long track pants on. Quite like the girl next door, but it didn't kept other runners from recognizing her and to stop her for photographs.

It was a "dangerous" task running next to her. We think her mischievous mood was on this morning. Not the usual prim and proper persona we see on stage and during press conferences.

She caught us by surprise when she sneakily threw some red powder our way! Luckily, it only hit our head and shirt, not the camera. Heheh!

Siti was at it again. Pouring some colour powder on some unsuspecting victims! :)

If you have been a follower of Siti's Instagram, you would have noticed how she loves to take selfies. Here, she found a perfect mirror at a junction for a selfie.

Yes. She runs. she usually does it on treadmill. This was her first 5K run.

Siti joined over 13,000 runners from all walks of life, plastered from head to toe in a vibrant celebration of colours. Every km was marked with a colour toss station where volunteers threw coloured cornstarch powder onto in-coming runners.

Looks like fun, eh?

We found Siti's secret of how she kept her face so clean during the run. Heheh!

More selfies with funny faces this time... See the selfie HERE.

Cheers! Always rehydrate yourself during your run.

Even though her run was countlessly interrupted by her fans' requests for photos, she would graciously agree to it.

We think The Color Run is truly an amazing event where people of all walks of life can mingle like all the explosion of colours thrown in the air.

Since there are no winners or official times, The Color Run celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality, giving people a chance to abandon social norms and join in the fun.

With all these smiles, it is hard to deny the fact that The Color Run is The Happiest 5K on the Planet!

Peace y'all... Thank you Siti for allowing us to run wit you!

Making the final dash to the finish line.

Yes! She did it! Siti, congratulations on your first 5K run!

We asked her how she felt after completing her run. She summarized it in one word - "seronok" (fun) followed by a smile.

This will not be the first and the last time you will see Siti Nurhaliza running. She has voiced her interest in doing the Puma Night Run.

Well, you have 2 months to train for it, Siti! Go for it! :)

To keep updated on The Color Run™ Malaysia and event photos, visit, The Color Run Malaysia Facebook page and The Color Run MY Twitter feed. The Color Run Malaysia is presented by CIMB Bank and co-sponsored by New Balance, TNT and Toyota.

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