Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Giveaway: JIN Special Preview Screening Tickets


“Jin” is a classic horror film that revolves around a young married couple: Syafiq and Lily. Syafiq is a business owner who strives to improve his family’s quality of life by buying a house for his beloved wife. Lily, upon seeing a place that is spacious and beautiful, immediately falls in love with it. What this couple doesn’t realize however, is that the house has a history of changing hand often and has stories of serious disturbances. When they first moved in, everything seemed fine until a series of minor disturbances start to plague Lily.

Release date: 21 Aug 2014
Language : Malay
Director: Pierre Andre
Casts: Zul Ariffin, Mon Ryanti, Zarynn Min
Genre: Horror
Running Time: 90 mins
Rating: P13

The generous people at RAM Entertainment is giving 10 lucky readers of this blog two tickets each to watch JIN Special Preview Screening.

Date: 19 Aug 2014 (Tuesday)
Venue: GSC Pavilion KL
Time: 9.00pm

Here's how you can win. Complete this sentence

“JIN is a must-watch movie because... (30 words or less)

The 10 readers who come up with the most creative answers will win a pair of tickets each. Send your entry via email to runwitme@gmail.com with the subject "JIN THE MOVIE" not later than this Sunday 17 August. Winner will be contacted via email. Do include your full name and phone number.

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