Saturday, October 25, 2014

What To Expect From Puma Night Run Malaysia Based on the Taipei (Taiwan) Edition

Following successful runs in Seoul and Taiwan, PUMA brings this experience to Malaysia for the first time ever this evening!

Thanks to Puma Malaysia, we have the chance to run the Taipei edition of the Puma Night Run first. Based on our experience in Taipei, here are some of the stuff you might expect from Puma Night Run in Setia Alam Convention Centre later.

Please take note, some of the events depicted here may be different from our local edition but generally you will get to enjoy the similar experience the joy of running and to work hard in completing the night course.

Fusion of fitness together with fun.
What do you get when you bring all 3,000 runners together? Other than sweating it out pounding the tarmac, we get to connect with each other and share our love for running. The fun begins when the sun has set!

Celebrities sighting!
PUMA is not short of celebrity supporters whom are known as friends of PUMA. We are sure you can spot at least one or two donning their running shoes for the run. In Taipei, we bumped into actor Adrian Tan and Ernest Chong.

From Zero to Hero
In conjunction with the inaugural PUMA Night Run in Malaysia, the PUMA Night Cat Club Malaysia is launched where eight personalities led by Coach Ian Cheang undergo a 6-week intensive training focusing on fitness and techniques to complete the PUMA Night Run. Similarly in Taiwan, they also have a bunch of celebrities training together for the Puma Night Run.

The PUMA Night Run practically sums up everything about PUMA. Being brave, determined, confident and joyful defines PUMA. Let's cheer for that! ;)

Fabulous warm up!
Get those muscles stretched and warmed up before the run. Let the Taiwan edition, we expect a great warm up session with great music before we hit the road!

Forever faster
3...2...1...GO!!!!! Go for your personal best. There are prizes for both men and women categories in the PUMA Night Run including PUMA vouchers and Power Bar goodies bag.

Beautiful night scenery
One of the most memorable moments in Puma Night Run Taipei was her beautiful skyline. Nicely lit buildings, a Ferris wheel, magnificent bridges.

We have not run at night in Setia Alam before but it is said to be one of the best locations for the PUMA Night Run this time around due to its beautifully planned and designed infrastructures and environment. This place comes with good security and the roads vary in inclination which leads to a more exciting run.

Well, we will find out soon enough! ;)

Happy runners!
Yeah! Must be the endorphins or happy hormones released during the exercise. We runners, be it from Taiper or Kuala Lumpur are generally happy people. Heheh!

A gorgeous finisher medal
You gotta earn it! The joy of being presented with a piece of metal on a lanyard after you crossed the finish line is indescribable! *Insert excited squeal here*

Photo booth with timing
OK. Honestly, we are not sure if they have it in Malaysia but we think this is kinda cool and we just have to highlight it. Once you scanned your timing chip, your completion time will appear on the photo booth. Now you can relish your finishing moment while your photo being taken. :)

A climatic concert
Enjoy the rest of the night with special performances from various local artistes. We heard DJ Anowl and many more will be performing. We do not have the confirmed list as yet.

A handsome goodies bag!
All runners who have registered for the PUMA Night Run will also receive a race t-shirt, race-bib with timing chip, finishers’ medal, race goodies bag, neck towel, race pouch and PUMA vouchers. There might be some slight differences in term of colours and contents but you will love your loot! Note: Shoes and running shorts are not part of the goodies ya!

A big appetite after the run!
A big guarantee for that! LOL! After the Puma Night Run in Taipei, we explored the world famous night market in search of food, glorious food! We were not disappointed! Similarly here, we can "explore" our 24 hours Mamaks or hawker stalls! Heheh!

Hope you enjoy reading this post! Good luck and all the best for your run tonight! :)

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