Monday, January 12, 2015

Photos & Results: Top 3 Winners of MPIB Run 2015

Category A: Men’s Open (12KM)

Champion Rosnizam bin Rosli 00:42:59.78
1st Runner-Up Venugopal Rajendran 00:44:04.44
2nd Runner-Up Soh Wai Ching 00:44:51.42

Category B: Men’s Veteran (12KM)

Champion Jean Pierre Lautredoux 00:40:32.24
1st Runner-Up Mark John Williams 00:43:45.28
2nd Runner-Up Prabakharan a/l Madhavan 00:46:51.21

Category C: Women’s Open (12KM)

Champion Noor Amelia Musa 00:46:01.60
1st Runner-Up Sheela a/p Samivellu 00:46:12.50
2nd Runner-Up Loh Chooi Fern 00:49:00.61

Category D: Women’s Veteran (12KM)

Champion Susan Khoo 00:53:04.99
1st Runner-Up Yasuko Hosotani 00:54:21.94
2nd Runner-Up Annie Lee Khum Chiew 00:56:46.88

Category E: Men’s (9KM)

Champion Nik Fakaruddin bin Ismail 00:31:25.79
1st Runner-Up Ahmad Luth Hamizan 00:32:34.25
2nd Runner-Up Andri Dauni 00:33:37.76

Category F: Women’s (9KM)

Champion Kim Khoo 00:43:47.67
1st Runner-Up Tan Mei Wai 00:45:45.69
2nd Runner-Up Gloria Lee Pei Fang 00:48:41.59

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Women 12 km 2nd runner up has been disqualified from the SCKL 2014. Should ask her to return the prize money to keep the reputation of MPIB run.

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