Thursday, January 15, 2015

Press Release: Muhibah Walk: Youths of Malaysia To Walk For Unity

Kuala Lumpur, 8th December 2014– In January 2015, a group of vibrant youths are organising the Muhibah Walk to promote national unity. At 5pm on 17th January 2015 at Dataran PJ (Padang Timur), thousands of youths from all walks of life, irrespective of race or religious belief will take on the walk to celebrate the Malaysian spirit and to also promote a nation of faces without races.

Organised by the Movement, a youth wing under the NGO, Vision 2 Transform, the Muhibah walk is said to be in line with Malaysia’s vision to create a harmonious and united country.

“Muhibah walk is our visionary way to unite Malaysians of all races. It provides us a platform to bring Malaysians from all walks of life, young and old, to showcase that our hearts and souls connect with one another as Malaysians.

Our diversity is our strength and it is something we can share and embrace. On a personal level, a community level, and a national level, we want to showcase that we can break down all divides and truly be a nation of faces without races,” Janell Bani explained.

According to the organisers, before the walk, participants will gather at the field to sing the national anthem, “Negaraku”, as an expression of respect for sovereignty, national unity, pride and love for the nation before the campaign begins.

She further explained that after the walk, there will be a fun-filled carnival atmosphere with local and upcoming bands performing while families with children will be treated and thrilled with bouncy castles, face-painting and clowns to bring joy and colour to the event. Through the medium of music and arts, the program can allow us to embrace diversity, create a strong sense of community and promote unity. The event will end only at 11pm.

On the topic of national unity, Vice President of Vision 2 Transform, Cyrus Gomez says that, “People’s hearts are all the same. The colour of the skin may be different, but the colour of the heart is the same.” He emphasised that the event is a non-religious and non-political event, hoping that Malaysians from all walks of life can come together for a time of celebration.

“Youths can come together and strategize on this Muhibah Walk platform where they can connect, share and help to build the dreams and aspirations of one another. Muhibah Walk is so relevant because young people are going beyond race and religion to launch something significant to them that they always feel inside their hearts, something beyond. They have the energy to make it happen,” added Gomez.

The organising team have also come up with a promotional video with interviews from prominent leaders and celebrities of Malaysia, like Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Dato’ Ambiga Sreenivasan and even Miss Universe Malaysia, Deborah Henry, to name a few. Their full interview can also be found in the official Facebook page.

Everyone is encouraged to join the Muhibah Walk. For all who are interested to come for the walk, they can visit:

According to the organisers, participants will need to pay a confirmation payment of RM 10. All paid participants will receive an official Muhibah Walk T-Shirt and other Malaysian merchandises. More information can be found on or

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