Friday, November 04, 2016

Cabloc Your Way To A Healthy Weight, Naturally

I absolutely hate eating! Says no one in Malaysia. Blessed with a multicultural population, the choices of food in our country are so wide, ranging from nasi lemak, nasi kandar, curry laksa, fried koay teow to sugary desserts such as cendol, ABC and many more. From street foods to exotic international cuisines, Malaysians are spoilt for choice when it comes to eating.

It is not surprising that Malaysians are among the fattest people in Asia. It is simply because we all love to eat. According to the World Health Organisation 2014 report, about 38.5% (11.55 million) of Malaysians are overweight and 13.3% (3.99 million) are obese.

So, how do we slim down without giving up what we love, which is eating? We were introduced to Vitraplus Cabloc, a new natural weight-loss supplement by AJ Research and Pharma Sdn Bhd.

Thanks to Watsons and AJ Research and Pharma Sdn Bhd., we have embarked on our own weight loss journey while eating with a little help from Cabloc.

So, what is Cabloc actually? It is a is a slimming formulation which blocks carbohydrates (hence, the name Cabloc), burns fats and high in nutrition.

The dosage is just two to three capsules in the morning after breakfast. It is safe as it is made of natural ingredients and is registered with Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Despite the eating, we are not forgetting the other thing that we love which is running! For maximum result, Vitraplus Cabloc is best consumed with a well-balanced diet and regular physical activities.

How does Cabloc work?

Block Carbohydrates
The highly prized raspberry ketone is Cabloc's key ingredient to prevent the breakdown of carbohydrates in our digestive system so that the excess glucose is not stored as fats in our body. In combination with the white kidney bean extract, these two ingredients play a vital role to reduce the carbohydrate absorption which causes weight gain."

The gymnema leaves extract in Cabloc suppresses the activation of sugar molecules in our taste buds and dela is the glucose absorption to avoid excess storage as fats.

Burn Fats
In addition to blocking carbohydrates, Cabloc also contains green coffee bean extract, a tested source to inhibit fat accumulation and absorption into our body while boosts glucose and fat metabolism rate in our liver, burning more fats and support lean body mass for weight loss.31"

High in Nutrition
As our body needs essential nutrients for daily activities, the Pricky Pear Cactus Stem extract found in Cabloc is highly nutritional in minerals and vitamins to keep our diet balanced!

These 5 key ingredients are specially formulated to promote weight loss with a well-balanced diet. With Cabloc, you can take your breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between and still slim down.

According to Dr. Soo Wincci, the first Miss Malaysia to receive a PhD and also Vitraplus Cabloc ambassador, with just two to three capsules in after meal is all it takes for her to see the difference within a month. She made sure that she tried and seen the amazing results before accepting the ambassadorship.

For maximum results, we would include Cabloc in our arsenal of weight loss "weaponry" like our running shoes, fitness tracker and weights.

We are monitoring our progress and will be updating it later in this post. So far, so good.

We have not encountered any side effects usually associated with weight loss supplements such as headache, dry mouth, anorexia, bowel problems, insomnia, sore throat and more. Except, we noticed that our breath smells like berries for a short period of time after taking the capsules. Not that it is a bad thing. Heheh! It must be the raspberry ketones.

Vitraplus Cabloc comes in 60 vegetable capsules per box with a retail price of RM138. It is now available in Watsons stores (online too HERE) and all leading pharmacies.

Wanna win yourself a chance to appear in a magazine and video with Dr. Soo Wincci? There is an exciting contest happening right now. On top of that, the Grand prize winner will also be winning RM3,000 cash voucher, fitness bracelet and 1 year supply of Cabloc product!

To participate in the contest, just head over to
Facebook: Vitraplus Cabloc

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