Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Media Release: ‘For Fit Sake’ the Youth Movement Taking University by Storm

PETALING JAYA, 1 November 2016 - Second year students of the Department of Communication and Liberal Arts (DCLA) have begun running a campaign on the importance of Fitness among the Sunway youth and staff. The campaign, titled Sunway For Fit Sake, has been running since early August and has just recently had their campaign launch last Friday with guest of honor Dr. Elizabeth Lee, Senior Executive Director of Sunway Education Group. The launching ceremony was filled with lively performances by Sunway University’s students as well as activities around the campus that promotes a healthy living.

In 2015, Malaysia was said to have the highest obesity ratings among Asian countries with statistics as almost half of both male and female Malaysians categorizing as obese. About a quarter from the stats are youths under the age of 26. These stats lead to the activation of the For Fit Sake campaign, where being healthy is promoted though fun and open environment.

In order to raise awareness of the issue, the students have held flash mobs, performances, Yoga sessions and Zumba classes that were done all throughout the Sunway University Campus. Not only that, a Halloween-themed obstacle course called the Ultimate Survival Challenge will also be held on the 4th of November that encourages the students to keep healthy while having fun in the process.

The Sunway Education Group, with Dr. Elizabeth Lee publicly showing her support for her campaign through Twitter updates, as well as live tweeting the campaign launch last Friday, on the 28th of October. They had valued and gained the presence of both the Vice Chancellor of Sunway University, Professor Graeme Wilkinson and the Dean of Sunway’s Faculty of Arts, Professor Harold Thwaites.

Professor Graeme Wilkinson was invited due to the students’ admiration of him as he walks up 12 levels to get to his office on the 12th floor at least once a day at work. He has

gotten so used to it that he now even knows it takes 336 steps to reach the highest floor, and still does it anyway as an act of getting a morning walk into his daily routine. This is the kind of activities the Sunway For Fit Sake committee are trying to impress upon their students. Daily health activities do not have to involve paying for a gym membership, or signing up for fitness classes or even dieting. Staying fit can simply be taking the stairs to your class, or going for a morning or evening run – maybe even a weekend hike with friends.

“I do wish to applaud the communications students for championing this laudable project and to inspire and encourage a fitter Sunway University, and for injecting so much fun into it,” complimented Dr. Elizabeth Lee, Senior Executive Director of Sunway University.

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