Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Hotel Review: Riccarton Capsule Hotel - Titiwangsa

I have never been to any capsule hotel establishment before, regardless locally and abroad. And having found out that Riccarton Hotel Kuala Lumpur was having a free night stay promotion - I couldn't help but to sign up for it.

Located near Persiaran Titiwangsa 1 (opposite Mcdonald and nearby KPJ Tawakal), the hotel is indeed a no fuss hotel.

Upon checking in, one will receive a capsule key with and with tagline stay differently, one is provided with a set of how to use.

Every guest is given a non-woven bag containing a small bath towel, slippers and a TV remote. Except the slippers, everything has to be returned to the reception upon check-out.

Next, change into the slippers provided. Keep your shoes in the locker next to the reception (using the capsule key) - the locker is allocated based on your capsule number.

As it's a capsule hotel, your luggage/bag will be stored in a bigger locker on your floor. Those who have big hard shell luggage, will have to resort to keeping it with the reception.

One of the hotel procedures which I found quite interesting is that, shower is a MUST before going into your capsule, probably because due to hygiene purposes. There are separate bathrooms/ toilets for male and female with basic shampoo and shower gel. Hairdryers are also available.

There are some house rules to adhere to, with the "No Nudity" policy being highlighted. Heheh!

I was wowed by the cool looking capsules once I entered the room. It was as if I have stepped into a alien spaceship.

Each room has approximately 8 sleeping capsules. To open the sleeping capsule, one has to use the capsule key card. As simple tap on the panel will do.

The capsule opens up to a bed with two pillows - one firm and the other one soft, plus a duvet. It is lit with soft blue lights, giving you a feeling of futuristic outer space.

The capsule is roomy. I didn't feel claustrophobic at all where I can sit down comfortably without knocking my head on the ceiling.

It comes with a lot of amenities ranging from lights dimmers (for reading and watching tv), door lock, air conditioning adjustment buttons, a small safe and most important one charger port and two USB charing ports (5V or 2100mA).

For those who want to work quietly in the room, you can pull out the small laptop table from the wall.

There is also a mirror installed in the capsule as well as two hooks to hang your towel and shirt. For your safety, there are a fire extinguisher and fire alarm installed.

There is a small safe to keep your belonging, probably can fit your wallet, passport and a small camera.

The design of the capsule is well-thought of and simply stylish. Even though small, you can still find perfect place to keep your spectacles, watch or small items on the "shelf" on the wall.

The room comes with WiFi (excellent speed) and a smart TV (which requires you to use headphone instead, so remember to bring yours).

You can watch TV or some selected programs on your screen.

The only thing that annoyed us is - the menu is mostly in Chinese and we had to try and error to get it figured out.

On top of that, there are other facilities available in the hotel which includes:

- Free shuttle van to the three hospitals (ranging from 400m to 1km in distance) nearby as well as KLCC (2.5km away) and PWTC(1.5km away)
- Free Parking
- Self Laundry (paid)
- Vending machines for cold and hot drinks
- Airport pickup (booking is necessary)
and they could also arrange for IJN and Tawakal Hospital screening for you.

For running freaks like me, the Taman Tasik Titiwangsa is just a stone's throw away from the hotel. It's a beautiful park for your run. Do check it out.

All in all, I enjoyed my first experience in a capsule hotel. Riccarton has set the standard so high! If you don't spend much time in the hotel except for sleeping and shower, I say go for it. The price is affordable. Very clean environment.

The downside is I worry about waking up my neighbours. You are separated by just a thin plastic wall and the capsules are not sound-proof. If you are a chronic snorer or loud talker, please stay away. You neighbours will hate you! Heheh!

The nearest train line and station is Monorail/LRT Titiwangsa and it will take you a good 20 minutes walk. There are plenty and frequent buses that go to the city. There is no problem finding food around this hotel - a 24 hour McD is located opposite the hotel, plenty of restaurants and cafes within walking distance.

Riccarton Capsule Hotel

No. G-1, Wisma Q Titiwangsa, Persiaran Titiwangsa 1, Jalan Pahang, 53000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
T +603-4031 5000
F +603-4032 3138

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