Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Big "O"

There was nothing tangy or citrusy about The Orange Run. The sponsor didn’t give away oranges but they did give away something orange - the RM3 petrol vouchers. The run was organized to commemorate the “relaunching” of BP Petrol Station under a new management - Boustead Pertroleum Marketing. Orange happened to be the new corporate colour.

Alotta Casha...

Hey Macarena....Heheh! Not everyday that you get to see people pumping themselves up at the petrol station.

Fitness First kick off the event with an exuberant aerobic workout.

I normally turn on my spectator mode than participating in the workout. I know I would be out of breath before the start of the run if I do that.

The male categories were let off first. This was my first run after last week’s marathon. It felt good to be running again even though I took this as my “recovery” run, taking it slow, soaking myself in the sun and enjoying the exhaust fresh air courtesy of the people of Damansara! (Insert snigger here).

IKEA - the ultimate Scandinavian furniture wet dream

Ohh...the light is so beautiful. towards the light.

Traffic control was adequate. Direction signage was adequate. No distance marker though. I suspect the run is more than 9km which is stated in the entry form.

The run took us around the Damansara Mutiara area, parts of Tropicana and Bandar Utama.

Refreshment station serving mineral water and 100plus. The mineral water was of Spritzer. (read: more expensive brand but frankly I can’t tell the different).

Me getting artsy fartsy again with this shot.

There was no goodie bag given but participant were given some snacks samples like Cadbury Bytes, Yeo’s Chicken Curry, Mamee (or was it Mawi?) Instant Noodle and others. The was some kinda games at the Piazza but I was too lazy to check them out. I quickly hailed a cab back to Sunway soon after I finished.

Petrol voucher is good...But I have no car. How?

Like a big juicy orange, The Orange Run proved to be a refreshing change from the usual beaten path of Dataran Merdeka and surrounding area. Now let me go and get myself a big juicy orange....

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