Thursday, March 30, 2006

Meow! Running In Cat City

What? The Saberkas RH Marathon

When? 26 March 2006 (Sunday)

Where? Petrajaya, Sarawak

Distance? 21km

SkyBus, Airbus, Saberkas...

I rushed home after the Guardian Charity Walk. Took a quick shower and head straight to the train station. Boarded the KTM Komuter to Sentral where I took the SkyBus to new LCC-T (Low cost carrier Terminal). It was just open 2 days ago. The bus to LCC-T was not full. So, I was able to eat my cheeseburger in comfort. Heheh!

The plane was delayed for about ½ hours for refueling. As a precaution, all passengers were asked to unfasten the seatbelts. One of the things that make you go Hmmm….

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