Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Day Before KLIM

I checked into Swiss Inn at Petaling Street on Saturday after having a pre-marathon “pasta lunch” organized by some fellow runners at MidValley Shopping Mall. Walk-in rate was RM130 but booking via the net would save you RM10. The main reason for the hotel stay even though I stay in Klang Valley is so that I can have a couple of hours of extra sleep on the day of KLIM having minus off the traveling time.

I did nothing much that afternoon except reading and watching TV. While reading my book – The Alchemist (by Paulo Coelho), MedikTV came to the TV screen. This reality medical show features actual footages from the Operathon Theater. This week, MedikTV featured Hernia operation. It was a totally gross out show. This old man was operated for hernia. He was semi-conscious when he was asked to cough by the doctor. The intestines spilled out through an incision made earlier. I squirmed when I saw the doctor tried to push back the spilled gut back to the abdominal cavity. This was better than any horror show! Anyway, on a more serious note, hernia is a common disease that can affect runners too. I have a friend who is suffering from hernia and had to cancel his participation in KLIM.

Tan and Amy checked in later. We had dinner at one of the well-known Claypot Chicken Rice off Jalan Silang. Spotted my uncle and his family when they walked passed the stall on their way back to their hotel, Ancasa Hotel. My uncle was going for ½ Marathon only.

Bumped into Kop21 of SgRunners in front of Watson at Jalan Silang. Later I was introduced to some fellow SgRunners forum and chatbox regulars like DO and DreamRunners who was doing some shopping at Watson too. I bought some mineral water, Exel Isotonic drinks and some bread for supper and dinner.

I dozed off watching American Idol on 8TV.

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