Thursday, March 30, 2006

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When I came back to the hotel, my running kit was already waiting for me. Thanks to Pacesetter Kuantan. I was pleasantly surprised with Saberkas generosity. The stuff that we received from Saberkas could put another local international marathon event held earlier this month to shame. (Insert wink here). On top of that we didn’t have to pay a single cent for the registration. (Note: Free registration for ½ marathon and 10km events only. Marathon runners still have to pay a minimal fee of RM10).

Thank you, Saberkas! Thank you, Sarawak!

Running Kit (FREE OF CHARGE. Yay!)

1) Printed bib with luggage tag 2) An Saberkas RH Marathon t-shirt. Nice design. Vibrant colour. Love it! 3) A very nicely printed Runner’s Info (Not Photostatted sheets. Mind you) 4) A Saberkas RH Marathon shoe bag. Too nice to put my dirty shoes in. 5) A Sarawak – More Than A Paradise baseball cap. 6) A peanut butter Power Bar 7) F&B and shopping vouchers.

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