Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Adidas King Of The Road : A Tribute To Gary Leon Robert

I would like to dedicate the video of Adidas King Of The Road to Gary Leon Robert. (1987-2009)

Gary was found lifeless at Shah Alam Stadium after he went missing for more than 24 hours after completing the Adidas King Of The Road run (22km). I am deeply saddened by this incident.

I had run the 11km or the race with my camera as usual, taking photographs and video clips along the route. I spotted a celebrity couple, Sazzy Falak and Nazril Idrus running the 11km event. Even got them to smile for the camera!

The weather was good but the air condition was hazy. Couldn’t even see the famous Masjid Shah Alam clearly. It was a beautiful morning with a sea of runners wearing Adidas orange vest flooding the road in the heart of Shah Alam.

I saw three of my friends, Kelvin, Ryan and Jacky at finish area after crossing the gantry. They were fanning a young guy who was lying semi-conscious while being attended by the paramedics. I continued shooting the video of him being carted away in a stretcher. Little that I know that was the last time we get to see him alive.

The running video above if quite different from the previous videos that I have posted. The speed has been slowed down two times.

See the wave of orange pulsating along the Shah Alam road

See the almost poetry like movements of the runners as their feet bounced off the ground.

See the expressions on the runners faces as they paced through the crowd.

See the runners in us.

See the Kings of the Road...

Gary Leon Robert


Rest In Peace.

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