Monday, August 31, 2009

Pacemakers Anniversary Run 2009 Video (Part 1 of 3)

Speedy devils, DBKL Garbage truck right on the track, wet bananas and flying baton....Mix them all up, we get an unforgettable event!

The 5th edition of der Pacemakers Anniversary Run (PAR 5) was held at Lake Garden last Sunday. 33 and 11 teams took part in the competitive and non-competitive relay respectively.

Yours truly accepted the task of being the volunteer official videographer, just like any of the Pacemakers runs. Really had fun doing it.

As usual we get Mr. Kelvin Ng (we called him der Big Voiced Fler, 大聲公) as the announcer. Kelvin's voice got bigger this time with the help of the megaphone! LOL!

He also assumed the role of comedian, providing us the hilarious banters and non-stop laughter. You will get to see him alot in the video. It's not to difficult to identify him if you do not know him! LOL!

The volunteers got to Lake Garden as early as 6:00am to do the final set up. We actually made some preparation work the night before. Click HERE if you wanna watch the video.

The run started off well. Each runner ran a loop of 2.6km around the Lake Garden before passing the baton to his/ her team mate.

Here's the first part of the video, before the rain....Yes, it rained durng the run but you will get to see the wet T-shirt actions only in the Part 2. :)


Come on shake your body baby, do the Conga! :P

Note: This soundtrack is a special request from der PM Captain, Ronnie See. He wanted an upbeat song to motivate der runners! Good choice!

Want more?

Please comeback for update....Part 2 coming real soon.

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