Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Gary Leon Robert - Last Picture Alive

A friend of Gary, Krishnath asked me to publish this photo that he got from a photographer. This could be his final photo alive.

From the video earlier, Gary was seen being carried away in a stretcher by three medical officers.

However, he did not reach the medical tent as we thought he would.

This was photo taken after the video (not by me but by another photograher).

According to an eye-witness, he struggled, got up and walked off from the stretcher before he could be brought to the medical tent.

On the next day he was found dead in the stadium basement.

Big Question - What happened in between the moment when he walked away and the moment his body was found in the stadium basement?

If you have any information or seen Gary at the King of The Road event, please contact Krishnath at 017-6625587 or email /

You can more view pic from the same photographer here.

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