Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Kuala Lumpur Rat Race 2009 (Video)

The race atmosphere was great. Loud cheers. Colourful pom poms. Noisy thunder sticks and drums. Wandering mascots. Supporters came full forced with their corporate coloured T-shirts.

I was there to take pictures and soak in the atmosphere. Not eligible to run since I left the rat race already...Heheh! Saw Tey, CCube and Jason with their SLRs at the start point.

The Edge and Bursa Malaysia were once again co-organisers for this unique event. Donations collected from participating local and foreign companies in the race would be channelled to charity.

Modelled after the Carey Wall Street Rat Race, the Kuala Lumpur Rat Race is a platform for Malaysia corporate citizens to come together and help the needy in a novel way.

It rained at the start of the run, but not heavy enough to send everyone running for shelter.

There were two types of races - CEO race (1km) and the main race (4.5km) that took runners to the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s busiest commercial area.

So, you get to see CEOs of various companies running on the streets of KL in their office wear – complete with neckties and long pants.

The ratracers were pampered with after race massage, drinks and some snacks after their race.

But where was the CHEESE? No Rat Race is complete without the cheese. Someone must have MOVED the cheese. LOL!

Here’s the video.


Note: Soundtrack – We Will Rock You (Club Mix)

Want more? There was a cheerleading competition to keep us entertained while waiting for the runners to come back.

Watch the video below.

Look out for

1) YMCA song creatively morphed into CIMB by the (who else?) CIMB cheer squad

2) Roaring Maybank tigress…

3) A funky chubby guy from DIJAYA who danced like there was no tomorrow to the tune of Boom Boom Pow! He certainly got the Boom Boom and the Pow Pow :) (Insert applause here)


My personal favourite is the IJM team. Highly choreographed and they looked absolutely stunning!

Does anybody know who won the competition? I left before they announced the winner....

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