Monday, May 16, 2011

Celebrunner: Marcell Siahaan @ And The Story Continues...Album Launch

Where is Marcell running to? From a mob of female fans I supposed. LOL! He had a legion of female admirers in Hard Rock Cafe just now.

We caught up with Indonesian singing sensation, Marcell Siahaan or just Marcell at his new album launch around 3:30pm this evening. He is in town to promote his fifth studio album titled "And The Story Continues...."

Before the press conference, he did a few song, back up by only an acoustic guitar. Amazing! The last time we saw Marcell in action was last year in a showcase with Dayang Nurfaizah, also in Hard Rock Cafe. Read about it HERE.

This album contains three hot singles from Marcell - Takkan Terganti, Peri Cintaku and Sisa Semalam.

There is a duet with Dewi Sandra titled "Tanpa Kata"

Marcell called himself a song interpreter instead of a singer. He interpretes songs and in this album, he reinterpreted Savage Garden's smash hit I Knew I Love You.

During the interview, Marcell told us a story about how he became a cat lover. he used to dislike cats but one fine day he found a stray cat while having his meal at an eatery. The cat was sickly and his wife suggested him to take it home.

After nursing the cat back to health, Marcell and the cat now are inseparable like soul mates! LOL! And the cat has three different names according to the place - John, Condro (Moon) in Indonesia and in Singapore, he is known as Ah Tjon. Marcell has a few more cats called AhMei, AhLien and AhTjien. I kid you not. LOL! He even thank them in the album sleeve! Bless Marcell for his kind soul! :D

FYI, Marcell also acted in three movies namely Andai Ia Tahu (2002), Laskar Pemimpi (2010) and Madame X (2010).

Marcell posing with Dayang Nurfaizah's Sayang & Cahaya album.

Marcell did a duet with Dayang Nurfaizah in a song titled Sayang last year.

Too bad Sayang is not included in Marcell album. :(

But anyway, we are lucky to get our paws on this awesome 11 track CD. It is not even released yet in Indonesia. The Indonesia release date is on 25 May 2011.

Marcell CD will be released in early June. It will be produced by Tropic Jaya Entertainment and distributed by PMP Entertainment Sdn. Bhd. Remember to get your own original copy at the music stores near you!

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