Sunday, May 01, 2011

8TV Showdown 2011 - Street Invasion

We caught 8TV Showdown 2011 Street Invasion last Saturday afternoon at Pavilion KL where all the top 12 crews showed off their moves at the busiest stretch of road in KL - Jalan Sultan Ismail!

Showdown is a one-of-a-kind reality dance battle crew show the FIRST ever in Malaysia to take the competition to the streets!

It might look like a street demonstration but it was actually a sreet dance demonstration. Heheh!

The top 12 crews were lined up from one end of the road to the other, each suppied with a tiny boombox blasting the Showdown theme song while they busted their moves to curious motorists.

Some were bold enough to dance on the zebra crossing but later got some major scolding from the producer. Safety first my friends. Rigor mortis is no good for dancers at all. LOL!

Despite the hot sun, they seemed like they were having fun. :) Me? On and off I walked into the Marriot hotel located opposite the street to cool off. :D

We wished we could spend more time at the street invasion but we was in a hurry to get to another event. Anyway, hope you enjoy that pics.

We were told that all the crews later went for a showcase at Berjaya Times Square at 3:00pm that evening. Too bad we were not there to cover the event. :(

Catch SHOWDOWN on 8TV, every Wednesday 9:30pm.

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