Saturday, May 21, 2011

Olympic Day Fun Run 2011 (Larian Hari Olimpik) aka The McDonald Run

What?Olympic Day Fun Run 2011 (Larian Hari Olimpik)

When? 17 July 2011 Sunday 7:30am

Where? Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

How far? 7, 5 & 3km

How much? RM10..Cheap cheap. Heheh! :D

How? For more info, please click HERE.

Runwitme says: Hey! It's a fun run. After the run, you can all go to McD for a meal. They not only want you to eat fast food, they also want you to run fast. Heheh! This year they are introducing a new catergory for team! Check it out!

4 Comment Wit Me:



can I sign up at McD restaurant



larian tidak adil pekak,kedil n buta...sepatautnya adil semua oku je...



larian adil oku semua...

Sizzling Suzai


good luck..hahah me n my sis r excitedly wanna join this too ^^

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