Saturday, May 28, 2011

Photo: KARAK Gala Premiere Night at TGV KLCC - Shahir. Kilafairy, Shera Ayob, Along Eyzendy & Yusry Abd Halim

Thanks to KRU Studios, we get to see one of the most anticipated horror movies in Malaysia this year! Yes, I quite enjoy Karak, a horror take on the urban legends of the Karak Highway. There is nothing much to scream about the story though. All the ingredients to make a horror movies are there like the bathing scene involving a young beautiful lass before the ghost gets her, creepy old man, car crash trying to avoid a spooky entity in the middle of the road, creepy little child and an even creepier mom etc.

What make this movie interesting are some of the spooky entities are CGI, not just an actor behind a mask and frizzy wig. We also like the score or the soundtrack very much - well produced, nothing like I have heard before in a local horror movies. It is almost Hollywood-like.

Hope you enjoy the photos we managed to snap during the media screening night, one day before the KARAK hits the major screens nationwide on 26 May 2011.

Check out the photos from the Karak movie launch HERE.

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