Sunday, December 18, 2011

Photos: Comic Fiesta 2011 (Ceui, Mikuni Shimokawa, Group Cosplay)

Comic Fiesta, Malaysia’s longest-running annual Animation, Comics and Games (ACG) convention is back this year at KL Convention Centre yesterday and today. We braved the human traffic to be part of the celebration of art & creativity as well as the ever popular ACG culture!

And what is an ACG convention without Cosplay, right? Check out some of the pics we managed to snap yesterday.

CF is packed...

The queue to go into the hall. Wow...It's even longer than the queue for iPhone 4S. LOL!

While walking out from KL Convention Centre we saw a bunch of people wering yellow having a garden party at KLCC Park and enjoying the sunny day! :D

Note: The year 2011 marks the return of CF for the tenth edition, set to improve upon the event attendance of 15,000 last year. Comic Fiesta is voluntarily organised by an eclectic group of individuals who wish to share their passion with their peers. This event is strictly non-profit and all proceeds will be channeled into the organisation of next year’s iteration.

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