Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photos: Rock The World : Adrenaline 2011

11 years running and still going strong, Rock The World is one of the major rock festivals that congregates all music fans of Malaysia's rock scene.

Every year Rock The World showcases the best bands and highlights new and upcoming bands coming through the ranks.

The turn up is awesome!

We like everything about RTW11 except this fat emcee. He's kinda lame. Can you guys bring back Rina Omar? She was a gem at last year RTW10. Read HERE.

Tune Talk's World Biggest SIM Card Shaped Hot Air Inflated Balloon waiting for subsribers to get a free ride.

Check out the pics we took last night, featuring bands like Daarchlea, The Azenders, Bittersweet, Massacre Conspiracy, The Padangs and Akta Angkasa.

Bittersweet's tambourine power.

I can't really get the music from Akta Angkasa. Maybe it's because there's no vocalist in this band.

A hidden rose among the thorns. The DJ from Akta Angkasa.

The Azenders bringing the house down!

The Padangs from Kajang!

He looks like he belongs in a boyband rather than in a metal hardcore headbanging outfit, doesn't he?

Girls, can't get enough of the cute front man of The Padangs? Check out their cover of Baby (yes..made popular by Justin Bieber) and check out how the crowd went crazy in the mosh! It's INSANE!

Read about our experience at last year's Rock The World 10 HERE.

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akta angkasa rules..oh bout the d.j is actually the guitarist wife lol.

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