Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tune Talk enters "Malaysia Book of Records" with Largest SIM Card Shaped Hot Air Balloon!

Look up in the sky. It's a brick. It's a plane. No it's....

Jason Lo!

Heheh! We witnessed the CEO of Tune Talk, Jason Lo recieving the certificate from the "Malaysia Book of Records" for the Largest SIM Card Shaped Hot Air Balloon!

He proudedly tweeted: @jasonlo1: The BIGGEST Sim Card in the world - powered by the hot air of inflated prices of Hotlink and Digi!

We heard that Tune Talk will be taking the balloon for a tour around Malaysia and subscribers will be given a chance to ride on this Malaysia's largest hot air balloon.

We are lucky enough today to get a media preview on the ride. Heheh! It was short but awesome....We actually get the bird's eye view, overlooking the Stadium Merdeka where incidently the Rock The World 11 was about to begin.

Jason Lo spending some quality hot air time with his family...

Check out what you are missing if you are not taking the ride at the Rock The World 11 right now. :)


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