Friday, December 16, 2011

Celebrunner: Yeo Yann Yann 杨雁雁 @ Petaling Street Warriors 大英雄,小男人

Meet Yeo Yann Yann, a Malaysian born, Singapore-based actress, giving us her best running pose. :) Thank you Yann Yann!

This is the second time we met Yeo Yann Yann during a movie promo. The first time was in 2009, when she was in town to promote the movie by Yasmin Ahmad titled Muallaf. Read about it HERE.

She's back with her latest action/ comedy flick called Petaling Street Warriors!

She brings sexy back. ;). Yann Yann proudly shows off her gorgeous bare-back pink dress.

Unlike the sexyback photos here, Yann Yann main feature in the movie is her two "volcanoes". Yes, that's what she called them. Yann Yann had to stuff the two water bags into her clothes to create a busty image for her role in the movie, we were told. Heheh!

In the movie she plays Zhung Li Chun, the wife of a Hokkien mee seller (Mark Lee) who got herself entangled in deadly battles with Japanese spies and kung fu-fighting eunuchs while trying to protect her husband and some hidden royal treasures.

Check out the photos from the recent press conference for the movie that also featured their co-star Frederick Lee, action director Ma Yuk Sing and producer/co-director Sampson Yuen.

Petaling Street Warriors was set against the backdrop of Petaling Streets in 1908, way before it was taken over by foreigners selling fake goods. ;)

It promises tonnes of laughter and crazy fighting stunts!

Mark Lee who plays the main character, Shi Duyao, often utters a catchphrase "jitoot".

While "ji" means "chicken" in Mandarin, "toot" has no meaning. As he uses "jitoot" to express his upset moods! But to us, it sounds more like a bleeped out version of a swear word. LOL!

The handsome actor, Frederick Lee plays a powerful eunuch called Ma Fu Yi.

Smile for the pressies....

Petaling Street Warriors is directed by James Lee, who couldn't come to the press con because he was not in the country.

We enjoyed the movie very much. Hope you guys will go and watch it too!

Petaling Street Warriors also features Namewee, Alvin Wong and Jack Neo. Check out their running poses HERE, HERE and HERE.

Petaling Street Warriors opened 1 December and it is still showing in the cinemas near you! Hurry and go catch this hilarious kungfu spoof madball action comedy!

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