Sunday, July 03, 2011

Celebrity Spotting @ ntv7 Feel Good Run 2011

We had the fun time spotting local celebrities at the ntv& Feel Good Run this morning. Even though the run was touted to have more than 70 celebs in the Celebrity Run Catergory, we only managed to snap these handful, LOL! Check it out....

The first celeb we managed to spot at the starting line was Naz Rahman with his family.

Hafiz aka Showdown host as the emcee of ntv7 Feel Good Run.

The big bosses of Media Prima giving thumb ups for the camera.

Alan Yun and Naz before flag off. Raring to go! Yes...Naz ran carrying his baby Zaraa on his back.

Black of Mentor was the first to finish in the Celebrity category. The following photos are arranged according to the finishing sequence of the celebrities.

Actor Alan Yun making a mad dash to the finish line.

Zher of FlyFM.

The gorgeous Debbie Goh. See her running pose HERE.

Baki Zainal.

Aishah Sinclair.

Charles Mohan.

The petite Rina Omar.

Ben of Fly FM.

Malaysian Idol, Jaclyn Victor.

AG of Hot FM.

Faizal Ismail (FBI)

Phat Phabes!

Naz is finally back with baby Zaraa.

The Chinese celebrities on stage. Where are the rest? LOL!

Big Kahuna of Media Prima, Ahmad Izham Omar. Check out what he wrote on his running bib. LOL!

Watch out for more updates on ntv7 Feel Good Run in our blog. We have tonnes more photos to share and a video too. :D


munster said...

did you meet dynas?she is very beautiful!she looks like 16 years old !hihi

Niki Cheong said...

You saw more of them running than me! And I was supposed to be running with them. haha :P