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Complete Photos & Video: Nestlé World Walking Day @ Putrajaya

World Walking Day 2012 was held simultaneously, from 6am to 10am, at six locations nationwide last Sunday, 28 October.

• Putrajaya: Istana Kehakiman, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 3
• Perak : Polo Ground, Ipoh
• Pahang : Taman Gelora, Kuantan
• Johor Bahru : Taman Tasik Merdeka, Jalan Kolam Ayer
• Sabah : Dewan Tun Hamdan, Pekan Tamparuli
• Sarawak : Waterfront, Kuching

Since we cannot split ourselves into six, we can only report from one location Putajaya, which is the nearest and the largest in terms of number of walkers.

The World Walking Day is Nestlé's effort to encourage Malaysians to abandon their sedentary lifestyle and to walk for wellness.

Walking reduces many health risks, helps to prevent weight gain, improves our mood and relieves stress. World Walking Day offers a stress-free and non-competitive environment for Malaysians to exercise together while walking half of the 10,000 steps per day or 3.7km which is recommended by the Ministry of Health.

We certainly hope that more Malaysians will take up walking as their regular exercise. But don't just wait for the annual World Walking Day and do it once a year. To reap the reward of walking, you have to walk at least 10,000 steps (or about 8km) per day.

We noticed a few prominent local bloggers who join the World Walking Day like Abang Nara from

Featuring mainly hot gossips of local celebs, Beautiful Nara draw millions to his blog very month.

Meet Red Mummy of Still wearing a little red despite having to wear the green official Tee for the World Walking Day. Red Mummy is well-known her love of everything red. :)

If you are blog walking next time, make your you walk over to their blogs. Heheh!

In conjunction of the 100th year anniversary of Nestlé in Malaysia, a cake cutting ceremony was held after the walk.

Nestlé - a household name that has been offering fantastic products and bringing smiles to Malaysian homes for 100 years! :D

Walking is good for you! Check out the flag off.

For more photos, please click

Nestlé World Walking Day @ Putrajaya Album (271 Photos)

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