Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Exclusive: Interview with Datuk Yasmin Yusuff (Emcee for Terry Fox Run Kuala Lumpur)

DATUK Yasmin Yusuff is one of Malaysia’s most well-known faces and voices. My earliest recollection of her is in the TV series OPAH by channel RTM1 some twenty years ago. She played a gorgeous Minah Salleh, Jessica who is married to one of Opah’s sons. I remember listening to her on the radio too when I was still a student. Her trademark chirpy “Goooood morning, good morning, good morning!” would brighten up anyone’s morning!

She represented Malaysia at the Miss Universe 1978 competition in Acapulco, Mexico, where she won third prize for Best National Dress. Today she is still keeping busy doing voice-overs, acting, emceeing and producing musical such as Cuci the Musical and Lat Kampung Boy the Musical.

Apart from all that, she also does pro bono jobs for cancer awareness or fund-raising events. Terry Fox Run is one of them. She has been the emcee for the KL edition of Terry Fox run as long as we could remember.

Here’s a brief chat with her after someone took away her microphone at Padang Merbok last Sunday.

How long have you been involved in Terry Fox Run?
I don’t remember. It’s been going on umpteenth years. It’s definitely more than 10. Maybe I missed about 4 when I was doing something out station. But it's nothing compared to this. I like the fact that with the social media today, even if you don’t come, you can still publicize the event and get people to come over. I like what someone wrote on the FB page of Terry Fox Run KL - “I can’t run but I will buy the t shirt”. That was really cool.

What make you come back year after year?
First of all, it is a big international event. I like to be associated with it. I’m already doing so many things for cancer charity. Terry Fox Run is my first in term of emcee-ing. It was so small then. Regent used to put on the spread, the pastries and coffee. But you can’t do that now because the huge number of people.
It makes you feel really good when you see it growing every year; more and more people from all walks of life and races joining.
I kinda have a loyalty to it. And I love the T-shirt. I’m really here because of the free T-shirt. *Laugh*

Who is Terry Fox to you?
Terry Fox is somebody who went above and beyond to find a cure for cancer. What he did was far out, so huge and impactful. For me, I’m just doing my little bit for the cause. It is really not a movement or a brand but still one boy who did so much for cancer research. Imagine that he is still alive and he could see this! So amazing, you know.

What is your next charity event?
I have a Hospis dinner in December. I’m not gonna accept anymore this year. This year, I have done the Estée Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Gala Dinner, Relay for Life where I had a celebrity team, an old DJ 90's night fundraising for a home in Rawang for mentally handicapped and Dignity for Children Foundation dinner for assisted living for autistic young adults.

Are you coming back for next year’s Terry Fox Run?
They will kill me if I don’t. *laugh out loud*

Follow Yasmin Yusuff on Twitter -> https://twitter.com/yyusuff

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