Monday, January 13, 2014

Singapore Zombie Invasion Part 2: Run For Your Lives Asia 2014

Finally, the original “Run For Your Lives”, a zombie-infested obstacle 5km reached our Asian shore. The first “infection” happened last Saturday in The Padang, right in the middle of Lion’s City.

We were invited to take part in the run but due to some miscommunication at the organisers’ end, we were NOT given a bib to run. We were told that we can go roam around and take pictures without having a press pass. *insert zombie frustration roar here*

If the race was being held back home, we would have packed up and left. But hey, since we have already paid for our own transport and we have a whole day free before our departure time, we decided to hang around to find out why this US-originated run has over 30 successful bloody events since 2011. Moreover, we are quite fascinated with zombies and their raw, visceral and terrifying nature. Heheh!

Zombies crave human flesh. And now, the livings crave zombies.

For S$89.90, runners get the privilege of running a 5k while being chased by other runners/ volunteers professionally made up as zombies. The ratio of runner to zombie is 80:20.

Unlike other obstacle races, runners try to dodge and escape from zombies roaming the course trying to grab flags from runners' flag belts.

As a runner, you get three flags, and the zombies "bite" you by grabbing a flag. Lose all your flags, and you've lost the game—congratulations, you're now an infected zombie yourself.

We walked along the 5km course to check out the obstacles while watching the participants in envy. :P

First you have to crawl on manicured grass.

Then you have to jump or climb your way through The Window.

More climbing again. This should get your heart pumping in-between zombie chases.

Overall, it was a fun 5K if you have a thingy to zombies. We think the zombies had more fun than the runners from what we observed. Some of them really lived up to their characters complete with growls and undead stares.

What We Like?

1. Safety cones all the way. So, no runners would get lost and stray away from the Zombies’ path!

2. Awesome zombies transformation. Must be fun for the official to splatter fake blood (red dye and xanthan gum) at the zombies. LOL!

3. Great post race Apocalypse party.

4. Gorgeous looking medal. You get a medal upon finishing, regardless if you have flags or not. “Survivor” for those with flags and “Infected” for those who were “bitten’ by the zombies.

5. Some amount of $$$ was donated to the Singapore Red Cross Society. *Insert two thumbs up here*

What Can Be Improved?

1. Safety of some of the obstacle. A girl has broken her leg attempting the Red Bull Blood Pit obstacle. The obstacle was closed thereafter, we heard.

2. Too sterile of an environment. We expect something grittier like what was offered in the US. See video HERE. The runners ran through very touristy spots with weird puzzled glances from tourists.

3. The best dressed runners/ zombies are judged before the all the runners have participated. We saw the arrival of a bunch of cute Minions who deserved to be up on stage after the best dress competition had concluded. Perhaps those who have intention to play dressing up could be given earlier flag off wave.

Action X, the Asian franchise holder of RFYL has announced they will be taking “Run For Your Lives Asia” to Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia ( July. But nothing has been firmed yet) and one more edition in Singapore (October; different location).

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